Robinn is a Littlest Pet Shop collector.  It all started when her big sister, Rianna passed on her beloved collection to Robinn.  Everytime we would visit a Target store, she would look at all the Littlest Pet Shop toys and beg us to buy some.  I usually said 'no'.  But when there are occasions - birthday, Christmas, got an award at school, she would get a set.  She bought something out of her own money when she won at the talent show. From there, her collection just grew and grew.  One of our last trips to the toy store was different... there was another girl who just started a collection who bought almost every kind available in stock - while Robinn was trying to choose one.  Robinn saw the other girl's cart with a "Pink Great Dane", which, she knew, is a rare kind.  She tried to look for another one on display, but to no avail.  We asked the store employee if they could check for more.  Her desire for this great dane is unexplainable... 'she must have it' kinda thing!  We went to another branch, looked on their online store, true enough, it is RARE!  A friend of mine suggested looking on Ebay when she learned of the collection, so I tried.  Those great danes, you won't believe it!  A piece would cost between $50 - 100, maybe due to its rarity???  So I found a cute owl, and convinced Robinn just to settle for this first... and she actually liked it.  It cost $0.99 plus $2.50 shipping.  The seller sent me a tracking number so I will know when it will arrive.  When that day came, I did not receive it.  I tried to catch it at the post office but sadly, they sent it back to the sender... the problem was, my address was incomplete!  The postman who usually delivers our mail knows me by name, but that day he wasn't the one who delivered our mail.  So I contacted the seller right away to inform them that it was on its way back - and also to correct my address on file.  She replied to me quickly and started asking questions.  She asked if it was a child who will be receiving this owl.  So I said, "Yes, my 10 year old daughter is a collector. "  She must've felt bad that this precious little girl did not receive her toy as expected.  When she got the owl back, she decided to add another random animal in the package.  The picture on the top right side shows the owl and the random animal - a cute bunny, and a very happy Robinn.  I sent that picture to the seller, her name is Tina.  For some reason, it made her cry... and started writing me back and from her emails, I started knowing her a little bit more.  Here's one that she wrote that really pinched my heart and left a lump in my throat...          

"I do not know if I have PMS or not but your picture made me cry. She is so precious. Thank you for doing that for me. I have stage 4 cancer and do not know how much longer I have I hope a long time but I was trying to have another kid when I got sick 7 years ago but stopped when the cancer hit. Thank you for sending me that picture. I know you are proud. She is beautiful. If I can do anything for you guys just let me know. Have a good Thanksgiving."

Robinn cried, too.  From then on, Tina,  and I continued exchanging emails... I let Robinn read them.  Then one day, Tina decided to send her some more Littlest Pet Shop animals to add to her collection, as we were talking about the bigger kind, which Robinn and I did not know about.  She had some 4 and 1/2 inch animals and she decided to send one, plus a few more little ones from the classic collection, which Robinn preferred.  Tina agrees with Robinn that the older editions were better looking.  She also sent a Littlest Pet Shop Plush toy.

See, Tina is a Littlest Pet Shop collector, too... and as mentioned, she had cancer which resulted to leg amputation.  For now, she is doing well.  And Robinn and I hope it stays that way.  I never thought someone (who sells stuff on Ebay) could be so selfless and just give away everything close to her heart, for my daughter.  This wasn't the end... Tina wrote me again and asked if it is okay to send her some more toys.  She had to ask just so she knows if I feel that she's already crossing the line.  I don't know what she saw in my daughter, maybe because they have the same love for these toys, or because when Robinn received her first gift from her, Robinn told her that it's her most special animal because she did not buy it and came as a surprise... so I understood what Tina felt, she wants to make a child happy and it gives her a warm, fuzzy feeling... when she found some of these toys on sale at a dollar store, she did not hesitate to buy some for Robinn.  I did not let Robinn know about this until Christmas.  When it arrived, I wrapped it and put it under our Christmas tree.
Dear Tina,

Thank you for all of the LPS.  I love them a lot, they are very special to me.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!


(Yes, Robinn typed this letter herself)

Oh, about the rare Great Dane?  I found one on Amazon, double the price... eh, I got it anyway.  And she got some more from her dad, so, to date, she has 115 Littlest Pet Shop figures.
Robinn's Blog

"My favorite subject is Writing.  I like that subject because it is easy!  I write a lot of journals in Room 8.  I want to be an author so people can read the books I make.  Writing can be fun.  You may either draw a picture or not draw a picture.  We write lots of stories in Room 8.  We need tohave neat writing to have a good story.  Words can be hard to spell when you write.  You can go look in a dictionary and find all of the words you don't know.  Once you found all the words, write them on a piece of paper.  Writing is my favorite subject!"

Mom's Comment:

Room 8 is her classroom when she was in 2nd grade.  Her teacher, Mrs. Reid, is an awesome teacher!  All these blogs are handwritten by Robinn and I post it unedited.  Some of you have already noticed that she knows where to put quotation marks, punctuations and all that detail, she learned that from her teacher!  She gives homework, Robinn works on it on her own, and I check.  Daddy checks it, too!  The success of a child depends on the teamwork between parent, child and teacher.  Be involved in your child's education and development.  It could be the most important thing you can give them, and may be the best tool for independence.
Robinn's Blog

"My interesting relative is my mom.  She has a studio.  She loves to dance and teach ballet. 
My mom is 40 but she looks like a 25 year old. 
She is a really big dog lover.  I got a new dog yesterday and she groomed her, played with her and fed her a lot. 
My mom is very funny.  She saw a big fly and she kept wiggling her arms side to side!
My mom doesn't have a baby boy, so we treat my dog Radar as a real boy. 
My mom is very nice.  When we went to Enchanted Kingdom, I was playing a game, but I lost, so my mom won and she let me pick a prize!
She loves to cook.  She's the one who makes breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
My mom looks a lot like my sister.  I sometimes call my mom my sister and my sister, mom.
My mom is a great person.  I love my mom a lot!"

Mom's Comments:

She said a lot about me... well, first thing, the dog that she's talking about was a friend's dog who needed a temporary home.  She is now back with the real owner and Robinn was okay with that.  We still have our baby boy, Radar...
I really felt good when I read this - this is also part of her autobiography book which she compiled in school.  I am very thankful that I am given the time to be with my children round the clock, except, of course when they are in school.  I must say, being a ballet teacher and having daughters just clicked for me.  I do chores in the morning while they're in school, and teach ballet in the afternoon, and the girls just love ballet! 
So, for Robinn to say all these things about me is just proof that quantity time + quality time = great child(ren).  
Robinn's Blog

"When I was little, I was very small and cute.  I drank a lot of breast milk.  I met my mom in the hospital.  I never got to meet my dad's dad.  My sisters got to ride a horse.  But I didn't because I wasn't even born!  When I was four, I skipped pre-school and went to kindergarten.  When I was three or four I  called a TROPHY a CHAMPION.  When I was about five, I had to go in the hospital for about five weeks.  I had to stay there because, I had to have a lot of shots.  I had a really cute dog.  The name of the dog was Heartsock.  When I was three, I had ear problems.  I also got scratched on my arm by a cat.  I loved being little!"

Mom's comment:
This was written as part of her autobiography project.  You will notice that a lot of information was flowing through her head at the time she wrote this!
Yes, she was purely breastfed for two years!

She wished she met her grandpa Lou Titular...

She saw a picture of her sisters riding a horse...and she wants to ride a horse, too!

She went from Nursery, to Senior Kindergarten in the Philippines,
then 1st grade in the US...

Whenever she would get awards in school, she called the medal or trophy "Champion".

When she was confined in the hospital, it wasn't really 5 weeks... but it seemed that long for her because she terribly missed her sisters!  She had a bad case of sinusitis!

Our dog gave birth to four puppies and she adopted one of them, and named it Heartsock, because, the spot on his forehead is shaped like a heart, and he seemed to have white socks...

Yes, she had an ear infection.

Our cat scratched her because the dogs were barking at it and she wanted to rescue the cat, but the cat wasn't expecting her so it got more scared...

    Robinn T.

    Born in the Philippines on June 19, 2003, loves to write, draw, paint, dance...and collect Littlest Pet Shop animals.  Don't be fooled... she has strong Chinese features but she's a true blue Filipina, only with a blue passport.


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