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"When I was little, I was very small and cute.  I drank a lot of breast milk.  I met my mom in the hospital.  I never got to meet my dad's dad.  My sisters got to ride a horse.  But I didn't because I wasn't even born!  When I was four, I skipped pre-school and went to kindergarten.  When I was three or four I  called a TROPHY a CHAMPION.  When I was about five, I had to go in the hospital for about five weeks.  I had to stay there because, I had to have a lot of shots.  I had a really cute dog.  The name of the dog was Heartsock.  When I was three, I had ear problems.  I also got scratched on my arm by a cat.  I loved being little!"

Mom's comment:
This was written as part of her autobiography project.  You will notice that a lot of information was flowing through her head at the time she wrote this!
Yes, she was purely breastfed for two years!

She wished she met her grandpa Lou Titular...

She saw a picture of her sisters riding a horse...and she wants to ride a horse, too!

She went from Nursery, to Senior Kindergarten in the Philippines,
then 1st grade in the US...

Whenever she would get awards in school, she called the medal or trophy "Champion".

When she was confined in the hospital, it wasn't really 5 weeks... but it seemed that long for her because she terribly missed her sisters!  She had a bad case of sinusitis!

Our dog gave birth to four puppies and she adopted one of them, and named it Heartsock, because, the spot on his forehead is shaped like a heart, and he seemed to have white socks...

Yes, she had an ear infection.

Our cat scratched her because the dogs were barking at it and she wanted to rescue the cat, but the cat wasn't expecting her so it got more scared...

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