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"My favorite subject is Writing.  I like that subject because it is easy!  I write a lot of journals in Room 8.  I want to be an author so people can read the books I make.  Writing can be fun.  You may either draw a picture or not draw a picture.  We write lots of stories in Room 8.  We need tohave neat writing to have a good story.  Words can be hard to spell when you write.  You can go look in a dictionary and find all of the words you don't know.  Once you found all the words, write them on a piece of paper.  Writing is my favorite subject!"

Mom's Comment:

Room 8 is her classroom when she was in 2nd grade.  Her teacher, Mrs. Reid, is an awesome teacher!  All these blogs are handwritten by Robinn and I post it unedited.  Some of you have already noticed that she knows where to put quotation marks, punctuations and all that detail, she learned that from her teacher!  She gives homework, Robinn works on it on her own, and I check.  Daddy checks it, too!  The success of a child depends on the teamwork between parent, child and teacher.  Be involved in your child's education and development.  It could be the most important thing you can give them, and may be the best tool for independence.

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