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"My interesting relative is my mom.  She has a studio.  She loves to dance and teach ballet. 
My mom is 40 but she looks like a 25 year old. 
She is a really big dog lover.  I got a new dog yesterday and she groomed her, played with her and fed her a lot. 
My mom is very funny.  She saw a big fly and she kept wiggling her arms side to side!
My mom doesn't have a baby boy, so we treat my dog Radar as a real boy. 
My mom is very nice.  When we went to Enchanted Kingdom, I was playing a game, but I lost, so my mom won and she let me pick a prize!
She loves to cook.  She's the one who makes breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
My mom looks a lot like my sister.  I sometimes call my mom my sister and my sister, mom.
My mom is a great person.  I love my mom a lot!"

Mom's Comments:

She said a lot about me... well, first thing, the dog that she's talking about was a friend's dog who needed a temporary home.  She is now back with the real owner and Robinn was okay with that.  We still have our baby boy, Radar...
I really felt good when I read this - this is also part of her autobiography book which she compiled in school.  I am very thankful that I am given the time to be with my children round the clock, except, of course when they are in school.  I must say, being a ballet teacher and having daughters just clicked for me.  I do chores in the morning while they're in school, and teach ballet in the afternoon, and the girls just love ballet! 
So, for Robinn to say all these things about me is just proof that quantity time + quality time = great child(ren).  

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